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Fugitive Cultures: Race, Violence, and Youth

From Library Journal:

In recent years politicians have bemoaned the state of popular culture. Occasionally, they extend their critique of the entertainment industry to the new field of cultural studies, which typically celebrates pop culture's "subversive" qualities. But not everyone involved in the cultural studies movement favors today's popular culture. Distinguished author Giroux (education, Pennsylvania State Univ.) also finds much to criticize about contemporary culture. His focus here is on violence in the media. "Serious films have given way to the blockbuster," he complains, "and the tradeoff has been an increase in the number of violent films shown in movie theaters across the United States." In this context he looks at representations of blacks in the media, the growing power of talk radio, and the world view of the Disney Corporation. Giroux is particularly critical of Quentin Tarantino's films, asserting that the director "produces a racially coded, reactionary cultural politics and pedagogy that transforms neo-conservative callousness and contempt for the underclass into a hip representation of avant-garde high art." Giroux's thought-provoking approach is recommended for general and academic libraries.