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Giroux awarded Critics' Choice Award for The University in Chains

by Matt Terry
November 14, 2008

Henry Giroux, the Global Television Network Chair in English and Cultural Studies, was honoured recently with the American Educational Studies Association (AESA) Critics' Choice Award for his book The University in Chains: Confronting the Military-Industrial-Academic Complex.

The award recognizes and aims to increase awareness of exceptional scholarship in the field of educational studies. University in Chains tackles academia's relationship with big business and the military, and has already garnered considerable media attention. The subject of an in-depth discussion on Inside Higher Ed, the book was also featured as part of CBC Radio's recent two-part series The Suspect Society. It has been translated into both Portuguese and Spanish, and the Venezuelan government has announced it will distribute University in Chains to all of its educators.

"I'm thrilled about receiving the Critics' Choice Award for my book," says Giroux. "It's a great feeling to have your work recognized at any time, but this award is especially significant."

Giroux is the author of 40 books, the most recent of which is called Against the Terror of Neoliberalism: Politics Beyond the Age of Greed.

"The prestigious AESA award is a fitting recognition of Dr. Giroux's work and his status as a leading public intellectual," says Suzanne Crosta, dean of humanities. "His book demonstrates his acute insights into the power of an engaged citizenry and the myriad influences that constrain post-secondary institutions from contributing to meaningful change in our world."

University in Chains was called "essential reading for everyone inside and outside the academy" by the Education Review, and the Freechild Project wrote that it "offers a powerful tool for anyone who works with young people."

AESA, an international society for students, teachers, research scholars and administrators interested in the foundations of education, provides a cross-disciplinary forum wherein scholars gather to exchange and debate theoretical issues and empirical research that address the social context of education.